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Redwall squirrel by DekabristMouse


Archer of Redwall
Important Information
Gender male
Occupation Gatherer, warrior
Status Alive
Eye Color blue
Fur Color Brown-green-gray "bray"
Age 2 1/2 seasons
Affiliation Redwall Abbey
Weapons Crossbow, Dual daggers
Species Squirrel
Home Redwall Abbey
Quests none yet


Bray color, forest-like cloak, strong and serious, yet with good sense of humor.


Sharpeyes was originally on an adventure just to go out into the world. He took a few wrong turns and appeared at the doorstep of Redwall Abbey with innumerable injuries. Basically, he was chased by an angry gang of rats off a cliff int some water and nearly killed by toads. He managed to escape but was scarred by a sword across his face.


crossbow, dual dagger/shortswords on the back of his paws. Kinda like a katar, but on the back of his forearm

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