This character belongs to Redwallfan22

Important Information
Gender male
Job Pillaging and Plundering and Drinking
Status Alive
Eye Color blue
Fur Color Orange
Age 3 Seasons
Affiliation Himself
Weapons Cutlass, Crew, Ship
Species Fox
Home The Red Snout 2
Quests none

male, Fox


He wears a long black coat. He always was one weapon on him and has a eye patch.


A coldblooded killer he dosen't care about anything but his ship the Red Snout 2. He likes toying with his Prisoners and if they anger him to much he will cut their snout in half.


He had a very nice ship then he was attacked. His ship was destroyed and only he suvived the crash. He then made another ship and cought a few rouge vermin going to the Abbey so he cut their snouts in half and his crew started calling him Halfsnout.


Cutluss, his crew, and ship.

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