This character belongs to Slagars band

Capitain Greypelt
Important Information
Gender Male
Job ...Job?
Status Alive, single
Eye Color Hazel
Fur Color Light Silver
Age 3
Affiliation Himself
Weapons Axe, Mace 'n' Chain
Species Fox
Home Mossflower
Quests ...Not Yet...


His fur is light silver and likes too wear a brown leather bealt plus a long, salt smelling coat. He also has a deep scar running down his right arm. His foot wear is a pair of boots.


Axe, Mace 'n' Chain


Negitive whith a hint of selfish. He can be kind and has a good sense of humor but is an alcoholic. But maybe he can change...?


When he was younger he used to be part of the crew Crab Rum. A few seasons aboard the ship he was second in command and decided too murder his Capitain. After he thrown out the body he became the self proclaimed Capitain of the ship. One night he was sailing in the mist and hit a rock sticking out of the water. He lost most of his crew and is maybe the only survivor...That's how he got to Mossflower

Place of OriginEdit



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