This character belongs to Slagars band

Cluny the scourge by fedezz-d3au4a0
me posing as cluny.
The Holocaust
Bloodeye blood bath
Capitin of a Ship
Important Information
Gender Male
Job To Rule Redwall!!
Status Alive
Eye Color Red
Fur Color Gray (i'm old)
Age 4 seasons
Affiliation No one but me!
Weapons {{{weapons}}}
Species Searat
Home My ship
Quests {{{quests}}}


He's a Ruthless, Barberic, Sly, Witty, Hot headed rat that likes to be in control. Don't mess with him unless you want to go to hellgates.


I was born on Terramort. But i've lost my memories, all i know i'm the ruler of Terramort. I have many under my command.


Halfsnout Allies, friend
Farlo Mosspike Enemy
Screechmaw Allies

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